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Blue Tonic World now on Facebook

You can now get more info about BTW on Facebook



The Moment of Truth on YouTube

Recently created and added the video-animation for the song “The Moment of Truth” in the Videos section and on YouTube. The video is a simple 3D moon animation – basically the idea is to have as much exposure as possible and we all know YouTube is the number one source for watching videos on the web.

On a more personal note, the song “The Moment of Truth” is one of my most proudly-produced track that I have ever created. I think it’s great to exceed your expectations when creating music; It is not a track that took a lot of working hours to make but it is one that I feel really came out exactly as I wanted it to be.

I was just thinking lately, BTW has celebrated its 18 years birthday this year! 18!! So I have decided that the next album release will be in 2012 – for the 20th anniversary. Perhaps sort of a “best of” with a few new tracks. I got about 15 months to figure it out 😉

New Song Release

A new single called “Ignoring The Root Cause″ is now available for your listening pleasure! Just check out the Listen section. This song is Web Exclusive and not available on any iTunes album for purchase, yet.

The song can also be heard at here.

New Single: Failure System 2013

A new single called “Failure System 2013” is now available for your listening pleasure! Just check out the Listen section and enjoy. Note that this song is also available on the new album “Can’s Fight What Will Be” available off the iTunes Store and others as well.

(Canada | USA | UK and other countries)

New Album Now Available

btw-cfwwbThe new album “Can’t Fight What Will Be” is now available from the iTunes Music Store worldwide. Regardless of the country you are from just use the search, keyword “blue tonic world” and you shall find the new album. You can also see the album details without using the iTunes software with the new iTunes Web preview (Canada | USA | UK and other countries as well).

The album is also available from other online retailers, although I do not have all the details regarding which other vendors these are but I know it includes Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster and eMusic. Important thing is, the album is out so that’s good.

Hope you enjoy the new songs!

New album on its way

I am pleased to announce that the new album from Blue Tonic World now officially called “Can’t Fight What Will Be” is due to be released around November 15, 2009; actually, it could be before or after this date, all depends on how quick the iTunes Music Store, Amazon and others will have it approved. God knows Apple’s approval system can be slow but let’s all stay positive 😉

btw-09-sleeve-webTrack Listing:

01 Hopeful
02 First Day of Life
03 Failure System 2013
04 The Moment of Truth
05 Lost & Naked
06 Road to Salvation
07 Thicker Than Death
08 Uncommon Heroes
09 Souvenirs of Monterey
10 Little Bugger

Note that some of those tracks are already available in audio streaming under the Listen page however most of them have been remastered or remixed for the album. is now BTW’s new online label too. Hope they’ll do a good job, hehe!!

Video section added

A new video section was added to the site. There are two videos on the page which are basically 3D animation stuff which I created using some popular commercial tools; nothing fancy, just for fun mostly. Enjoy 😉

New Album Coming This Fall

The new BlueTonicWorld album tentatively called The Hopeful & The Soulless is on track to be completed in the fall of 2009. So it is quite possible that it will hit online stores by Christmas and a possibility that it will be a free of charge. Why free? Mostly because I can’t afford the cost of advertisement so therefore giving it away always is the best method to reach as many people as possible.

The album will feature 10 or 12 songs, some of them already being streamed at and

The Moment of Truth

Yet, another new track is now available for your listening pleasure at It is called “The Moment of Truth” and I think it’s great! Note that all those tracks that have been released since “Homecoming” back in ’05 will be featured on a new digital-download format album sometimes in the near future.

New Song Announcement

A new track is now available for streaming and free download at It’s a short track, smooth piano, lots of space to breath, a little dark, a little sad, a little funny…just what you’d expect from BTW! It’s called “Lost & Naked”